Meet the Gumshoes

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Slick Ryan

Owner and Lead Detective

Detective Duncan Cover

Extra-senior Detective and surveillance expert

Ole Gunn

Senior Detective

Billy Klubb

Junior Detective

Lane Building II

Mini-Junior Detective

Anita Case


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Chicken Wrestling


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Active Cases

Costume Robbery

Reported January 27. Montana Actors’ Theatre reported that their costume ship had been robbed. The current suspect is Long George Francis. Follow the investigation here.

Horse theft

Reported January 24 north of Havre. Horses disappeared between 11 pm and 2am January 23.

Contact Detective Ole Gunn with Information

Woman attempting to vote

Reported November 12. A woman entered the polling place insisting that she had the right to vote. She fled the scene before police officers arrived. $100 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Contact Detective Billy Klubb with Information

Closed Cases


Reported February 2. Phil Conners reported that his groundhog Phillip disappeared shortly after emerging from his home. Not even a shadow of Phillip could be found for several days. Detective Duncan Cover was able to disguise himself as another groundhog to act as a decoy in catching the goundhog-napper. Ned Ryerson was arrested and is currently in jail awaiting his trial. Phillip was returned to his home safely on February 7 and is reported to be recovering from the trauma well. He has even started driving again.

Indecent exposure

Reported December 31. Miss Polly Esther Stalking was arrested for lewd behavior after a New Year’s Eve Party in Downtown Havre. Miss Stalking removed her boots and exposed her bare ankle to a group of young men. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail.